To Move or Not to Move

We've got an ok office inside a professional building on 4th street in Flagstaff, AZ. There's no curb visibility and we've got no windows to the outside, but new owners just remodeled it. It's nicer now. I made a persuasive argument with Josh that we could move into my old office which is right in the heart of downtown, lots of visibility, walk by traffic, etc. But, alas, the timing isn't right. It would be a lot of pressure to drop everything, bug out of here and set up there, with all the deposits, leases, rewiring requirements, etc. with no guarantees that it would be worth it. Josh is adding a new programmer to the staff to free him up to network locally and in the Phoenix metropolitan area. We are looking forward to expanding our business. We have competitive pricing and we turn out beautiful websites for small businesses. Call 877-7-TRAILS or go to www.trailswebexpress.com and check out our portfolio.

Maybe next year!


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