Holistic Healing, Energy Healing, & Natural Healing

It is clear to anyone researching these three categories of healing philosophies; holistic healing, energy healing and natural healing, that the similarities and overlap far outweigh the differences and distinctions. That is why it is important for Marie Desroches to identify herself as a practitioner and strong proponent of all three.

The words themselves help illuminate Marie Desroches' nature as a healer and consultant.

  • "Holistic healing" suggests a profound respect of the whole person, body, mind and spirit.

  • "Energy healing" refers to a powerful attunement to the life force energy that flows throughout all creation; and the awareness that this energy (and blockages in it) can be felt, seen and facilitated to promote physical, emotional and spiritual restoration, well-being and joy.

  • "Natural healing" is a term that encompasses all three. Even though some natural healing techniques may seem new or strange upon first encounter, their power is based in nature, in the way the natural world works, in the way healing restorative energy always flows when blockages are removed.

  • So, no matter what you call it, Marie Desroches is honored to bring her 30 years of training and experience to bear, to bring her repertoire of powerful healing modalities forward for the evolution and well-being of her clients.

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