Bryon Middlebrook, Divorce and Child Custody Attorney

Getting divorced, especially when there are child custody issues to resolve, can be a lonely and frightening experience. It's important to have the right divorce attorney on your side. How do you select the right divorce attorney for your case? Check out the Arizona State Bar website at http://www.azbar.org/ . More importantly, ask friends and associates who have been through divorce and/or child custody proceedings. Good divorce attorney's are happy to have their reputation researched.

Bryon Middlebrook is this kind of divorce attorney. He brings over 24 years of legal experience to the table. He's a father and husband. He understands.

My personal inclination when I was shopping for a divorce and child custody attorney in Flagstaff, Arizona was to get a sense of the divorce attorney's professional skills and familiarity with domestic relations laws, AND, without prying, to get a sense of whether a particular divorce attorney has had personal experience in this realm; not necessarily been through a divorce, or child custody proceeding, but has been married, has raised children, understands the depth of emotional issues that can erupt when one's heart is broken and children's well-being is possibly hanging in the balance of legal proceedings.

Whether you're in Flagstaff, Sedona or Cottonwood Arizona, if you're facing issues related to divorce, child custody or child support, call Bryon Middlebrook for a divorce attorney you can trust.

Flagstaff: (928) 774-1433

Sedona: (928) 284-2454

Cottonwood: (928) 639-0600

Toll Free: (888) 831-1424


Go Grand Canyon White Water Rafting with the Best

When Sara Hatch invited TrailsWeb to blog about their business, we were happy to oblige.

When you research opportunities to experience Grand Canyon White Water Rafting, or Rafting the Grand Canyon, you'll find Hatch River Expeditions' website for sure. Family owned and operated, Hatch River Expeditions has been introducing people to the wonders of Grand Canyon white water rafting for 75 years.

Bus Hatch, the company's founder, led the first Grand Canyon whitewater rafting expedition in 1934. To this day, his grandson Steve runs this white water expedition business in the family tradition, with a deep appreciation of the Canyon's splendor, a sense of adventure and a large dose of laughs.

The seven day motorized white water rafting expedition through 188 miles of beautiful Grand Canyon is Hatch River Expedition's most popular trip. This Grand Canyon white water rafting trip ends with a scenic helicopter ride out of the Grand Canyon to the Bar 10 Ranch. From there, a small plane takes travelers to either Marble Canyon or Las Vegas.

Other popular trips include full Canyon 12 day rowing expeditions. This Grand Canyon white water rafting trip is perfect for those who want time to explore hidden hikes, waterfalls, caves and more.

Two half Canyon trips are offered for sturdy Grand Canyon hikers with less time to spare. The six day upper Grand Canyon white water rowing trip ends with a gorgeous, and strenuous hike out of the Canyon through historic Phantom Ranch and Indian Gardens.

The seven day lower Grand Canyon white water rowing trip involves a breathtaking hike into the Grand Canyon to meet the Hatch River Expeditions rafts waiting at Phantom Ranch. With the most exciting Grand Canyon white water still down river, this stretch is not for the faint of heart.

With three generations of experience, Hatch River Expeditions is the oldest Grand Canyon white water rafting company in the United States. The Hatch family has been consistently introducing adventure seekers to the Grand Canyon white water rafting experience since 1934. Hatch is simply the best in the business.

Sara Hatch can call TrailsWeb anytime for blog requests or any kind of technical support to help this historic white water rafting expedition company have a robust internet presence.

Kathryn Peterson

Content Author



Zane Grey RV Park

I love it when spectacular places in nature and the world wide web compliment each other.
Such is the case at www.zanegreyrvpark.com. If you're searching Arizona RV Parks or Arizona Campgrounds, you'll find the tranquil and beautiful Zane Grey RV Park, and all the information at a glance about how, and why to go there.

As it says on the About Our Park page, it's an Arizona RV Park located "On Clear Creek in Camp Verde, Arizona, just a short distance from Beautiful Sedona Arizona. Your Getaway Garden in the High Desert!"

I'm impressed with the layout and presentation of information in this campground's site. It is a good example of my new writing policy, "less words, more information". The left side bar tells anyone who wants to enjoy an RV park in Arizona what they want to know at a glance:

Then the middle pane is a complete list of amenities, rates, policies, available discounts, etc.

The Zane Grey RV Park website is a four-page site;
About Our Park,
Park Pictures,
Map & Directions, and
Vacationing Camp Verde.

The pictures of this Arizona campground are not just truly beautiful, but informative and inviting as well. Being a bit of an RVer myself, I believe this is the most tranquil RV Park in Arizona, on the banks of the babbling Clear Creek.

This site, developed by the talented web site developers at Trailsweb, is a model for me of how the content and the graphic design work well together.

This site is a model of an effective Arizona RV Park website with high search engine visibility resulting in more travelers enjoying the beauty and serenity of Zane Grey RV Park on the banks of Clear Creek in Camp Verde. The world wide web does it again.