Bryon Middlebrook, Divorce and Child Custody Attorney

Getting divorced, especially when there are child custody issues to resolve, can be a lonely and frightening experience. It's important to have the right divorce attorney on your side. How do you select the right divorce attorney for your case? Check out the Arizona State Bar website at http://www.azbar.org/ . More importantly, ask friends and associates who have been through divorce and/or child custody proceedings. Good divorce attorney's are happy to have their reputation researched.

Bryon Middlebrook is this kind of divorce attorney. He brings over 24 years of legal experience to the table. He's a father and husband. He understands.

My personal inclination when I was shopping for a divorce and child custody attorney in Flagstaff, Arizona was to get a sense of the divorce attorney's professional skills and familiarity with domestic relations laws, AND, without prying, to get a sense of whether a particular divorce attorney has had personal experience in this realm; not necessarily been through a divorce, or child custody proceeding, but has been married, has raised children, understands the depth of emotional issues that can erupt when one's heart is broken and children's well-being is possibly hanging in the balance of legal proceedings.

Whether you're in Flagstaff, Sedona or Cottonwood Arizona, if you're facing issues related to divorce, child custody or child support, call Bryon Middlebrook for a divorce attorney you can trust.

Flagstaff: (928) 774-1433

Sedona: (928) 284-2454

Cottonwood: (928) 639-0600

Toll Free: (888) 831-1424

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