Vision Coaching Website Development w/ Craig Maron

Craig Maron engages in a creative, productive and sometimes mysterious process called "Vision Coaching" for professionals, entrepreneurs and executives. He hired TrailsWeb to develop his small business website.

After working with him to develop the content for his site, I believe I engaged in "vision content authoring".

I say that not because the working relationship to Mr. Maron is similar to his process with his professional, entrepreneur and executive clients. I say that because I experienced several of the principles of Vision Coaching while in the process of website development with Mr. Maron.

I found myself listening actively and repeatedly, being in dialogue to collaboratively and accurately crystallize the concepts that Business Coach Craig Maron wanted to highlight and emphasize on his website.

Possibly like many of Mr. Maron's business coaching clients, Mr. Maron had a blurry vision of his goal upon first meeting with TrailsWeb; the "look" of his website, how he wanted to express himself and present his Vision Coaching business. He had enough of an idea for me to get started and see if I was "warm" or "cold".

At that first TrailsWeb meeting, I took copious notes. I quickly launched into a first draft. His feedback revealed that I was getting colder not warmer. I was using verbosity to describe concepts that he wanted described succinctly. I returned to the keyboard, trimming the fat and noticing what he seemed to be prioritizing.

The graphic designer was similarly engaged in a feedback loop with Mr. Maron regarding the look of the site. It was like he had an itch and we were close to scratching it and getting closer.

And so the process went, communicating back and forth until we scratched the itch; brought the vision into focus. We worked with Mr. Maron to nail the content, look and functionality of the site to his heart's desire.

Business Coach Craig Maron is another satisfied TrailsWeb Customer. His eye-catching and stream-lined website will undoubtedly attract executives, entrepreneurs and professionals who will benefit from the interactive, individualized process of Vision Coaching.