Stanley's Remote Control

Stanley 1050 is still sold online. This model of garage door opener is used to replace ones that are compatible with all Stanley operators built from the early '80s to the late '90s. It has the simplicity of one button, with the functionality of any modern garage door opener.

The Stanley 1050 usually replaces the lost or broken remotes form those garage doors. But isn't it nice to know that you don't have to replace the entire garage door opener system? I think it's really reassuring to be able to spend less than $20 and have a brand new Stanley 1050 instead of hundreds on a new garage door opener.

It might not be the latest and greatest of technology, but really the only difference is that it isn't compatible with SecureCode systems. That's okay, though, because very few people have this system installed in their homes nowadays. So you can rest assured that your home is just as safe as any other home in the neighborhood.

Don't Drop That Door

It's such a relief to not have to worry about dropping a heavy garage door on your foot again. I remember when I was a kid, my parents had a manually operated garage door. It was old, heavy and had chipping paint on it. It was difficult to open, and even more difficult to lock once it was closed. And I remember every time it was opened or closed I feared losing toes.

How relieving it must have been when the Allstar 9931T came along. I don't remember because I was too young at that point, but I know that I'll never have to worry about dropping that heavy door on my foot again.With receivers like the Allstar 831RE, it makes garage door openers a non-issue.

The Allstar 831RE really is the best commercial receiver in the world of garage door openers. And when it comes to clickers, the Allstar 9931T is unbeatable. These small pieces of modern technology make life a little easier, and a lot safer.


Flagstaff's Finest Legal Representation

Flagstaff attorneys mostly deal with family law issues. However, with the recent SB 1070, I'm sure Flagstaff lawyers are dealing a lot more with immigration cases. In this area of the country, it must be important for every Flagstaff attorney to be well versed in immigration laws.

Growing up on the east coast, I had never even heard of the issues that Flagstaff lawyers must deal with every day. Now that I live in Arizona, I can't believe what kinds of immigration issues Flagstaff attorneys must have to handle. Especially in the aftermath of SB 1070, I would guess that most Flagstaff attorneys are dealing with at least one or two cases of unfair discrimination as a result of the ridiculous bill.

Jennifer Nagel is a Flagstaff attorney who will handle family law in addition to those immigration cases. She's also one Flagstaff lawyer who will represent you in cases of probate, spousal support and guardianship cases. If that wasn't enough, the office also provides mediation services in addition to Flagstaff legal representation. And this Flagstaff attorney also offers document preparation, power of attorney documentation, and paralegal services. So for any legal service you may need, Flagstaff lawyers can provide the solution.


In need of a website?

Flagstaff web design is our specialty. We love designing the perfect websites for small businesses in the area, and  nationwide. Our small team of incredibly talented individuals has been trained to create and perfect websites custom built for specific purposes according to our clients' needs.

But our services go beyond Flagstaff web design. We offer the entire package deal from creating the web site and writing the content to the marketing to gain search engine visibility. Trained in online marketing and web development, we have the best full package deal available for your small to medium sized business.

We're on the cutting edge of Flagstaff web design, and are currently working on developing our skills as an online marketing agent for the websites we create. With the research our team is doing, and the knowledge we already have, we believe we have the solution to your online needs. From trade publications to our own unique compilations of research, we've been working on creating a system that yields results.

Call today, and see for yourself why TrailsWeb LLC is the best in Flagstaff!

T.C.R. Rooter & Plumbing LLC

Raleigh plumbing has come a long way since 2008 when we first made the website for T.C.R. Rooter & Plumbing LLC. The entire industry has always been quite competitive, and now everything about Raleigh plumbing is going to the next level. Professionalism is at the top of the game for every Raleigh plumber.

It's nice to know that when you have a plumbing issue, you can expect the best service with the most modern techniques from the best Raleigh plumbers around. Of course, there's only one company you can call and expect the utmost in service and support.  It's no wonder T.C.R. Rooter & Plumbing LLC is at the top of the search engines for Raleigh plumbers.

The best part is that this Raleigh plumber is available 24/7 for your convenience. So now, if you have a plumbing emergency in the middle of the night, you don't have to let it go until the morning. You can get it taken care of right away so you can sleep knowing that you don't have a mess to deal with in the morning.


Genie GIT-1 and GIT-3

Genie has become a genericized trademark for all garage door openers. That is surprising to me, because the word genie doesn't really have that effect on me. But it is widely used to refer to garage door openers. The word itself might actually refer to the Genie GIT-1 or the Genie GIT-3; or it might just refer to another brand of garage door remotes.

I'm pretty sure my old house had a Genie GIT-1. It was so simple because there was only one button. You'd push it to open, and then push it again to close the door. The simplicity of the Genie GIT-3 is great too. It has three buttons, but it still looks and feels simple.

Maybe that actually is because genie has been branded the new name of garage door openers. My personal thoughts are that the buttons are large enough on the remote that the whole things looks easier to use. Also, the buttons are shaped differently, so you can easily tell them apart. The biggest one is to open the door, and the other two are to stop it and close it.

Allstar: Elite Functionality Remotes

The Allstar 639T 318 MHz just looks like a high tech clicker. Actually, it is a high tech remote control. It's just not as difficult to use as the term "high-tech" might imply. The functionality allows this one garage door remote to open nine different doors. Not only that, but it also has an open-stop-close functionality with separate labeled buttons to facilitate the easiest use of this garage door opener.

The Allstar Classic is just as great, but has a completely different use. This remote might be really useful for domestic use. The Allstar 639T 318 MHz, on the other hand, is great for commercial use. The Allstar Classic still has three buttons on it, though, which makes it great for a two-door garage.

Really, both of these garage door remotes are excellent choices. Both have their own specific uses, and are a bargain for the price from American Garage Doors. As far as other garage door openers go, they have great selection and excellent customer service.


Flagstaff Attorney

Flagstaff attorney Bryon Middlebrook is more than just a lawyer, he's a peacemaker. Keeping it together in the middle of a divorce can be difficult. Bryon Middlebrook is one Flagstaff lawyer who can help you sort everything out, by negotiating on your behalf.

Even if things are peaceful to begin with, there is only one Flagstaff attorney who makes sure it stays that way. Personal attention and focus on your needs are just a few of the advantages that come with Bryon Middlebrook. Since this Flagstaff lawyer works independently, rather than with a group practice of Flagstaff attorneys, you know that your case is being handled by your lawyer.

Domestic relations are Mr. Middlebrook's specialty. No other Flagstaff lawyer is quite as qualified or talented at handling the delicate issues that come up in divorce. Protecting your legal interests is his number one concern. If this is something you might be facing, call Bryon Middlebrook. He'll help ease your fears by understanding your frustrations in this difficult personal time.

Crepes in Flagstaff

Old Town Creperie has just opened for the season, and their website went up just in time for the start of the Flagstaff restaurant season. I haven't gotten a chance to try one yet, but they sound amazing. Next time I go out to eat at a Flagstaff restaurant, it's definitely going to be at the Old Town Creperie.

Their website has some great information on it about restaurants Flagstaff offers. From the history of the crepe to how they got started, this website is really comprehensive. They've even got a coupon online for anyone who visits the site!

It's really exciting to see the restaurants Flagstaff has flourish. I feel like the Old Town Creperie really adds something to downtown Flagstaff restaurants. It's in a great location, too, right near Heritage Square in historic downtown.

Every time I walked by it for the past few months, I wished it was open so I could grab a quick bite to eat that is likely the most delicious eating in Flagstaff. Finally it's open for the season, and I can't wait to try one.

Flagstaff Wine at Vino Loco

Since moving to Flagstaff, I've developed a liking for Flagstaff wine stores. My favorite one is Vino Loco because they have the best selection and support the local community and local vineyards. They believe it's important to support Arizona wine country because they are the up and coming growers of excellent wine.

I couldn't agree more. Arizona wine country is one of the most unique places, producing some of the most interesting wines around. I haven't gone on an Arizona wine tour yet, but I hope to sometime soon. Vino Loco offers Arizona wine tours leaving from Flagstaff, and they sound like so much fun.

I wonder if they are as much fun as a Flagstaff wine tasting. I think most Flagstaff wine neglects to involve the community, which is just another factor that sets Vino Loco so far ahead of the rest. I haven't been in Flagstaff for that long, but I can already see why this is such a wonderful place. There are so many fun activities and events here.

Flagstaff wine tastings are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fun things to do in town. But they're  definitely worth checking out if you're new in town or just looking for something fun to do. If a fun and flavorful bottle of wine interests you, I highly recommend checking out Vino Loco.

Allstar Classic Isn't Just A Sports Term Anymore

Allstar Classic definitely conjures some images of late summer baseball games in my mind. But just because that's the most common association doesn't mean it can't have more. Now that I've been working at TrailsWeb for the past few months, and doing quite a bit of work for American Garage Door Co, I've begun to think of garage door openers when I think of a lot of different things. The Allstar Classic 318MHz is just one example of a new association for that phrase.

In addition to thinking of garage door remotes when I hear some specific key words, I also think of them in general more often than I ever though possible. LiftMaster 971LM happens to come to mind whenever someone talks about lifting heavy objects. I didn't think it was possible, but I think of the LiftMaster 371LM when I see men's fitness magazines, or commercials for weight lifting equipment.

I won't say that it's become a problem, or anything close, but the LiftMaster 971LM comes to mind when I go into the garage for anything. When my room mate mentioned her desire for a garage in a new home, I couldn't help but wonder whether I'd have a brand new LiftMaster 371LM remote.

It might sound ridiculous, but when you spend as much time as I do contemplating garage door openers, it's hard not to make these associations. It's alright with me that I think of the Allstar Classic 318 MHz whenever anyone mentions the World Series, because I'm not much of a sports fan anyway.


Henderson Construction

Flagstaff builders pride themselves on experience and professionalism. But no Flagstaff contractor even comes close to Henderson in either of those areas. R. Todd Henderson grew up around Flagstaff construction because his father owned the company before him. With that kind of experience, how could you even think of anyone else when looking at Flagstaff builders?

Unbeatable quality and trustworthiness are the cornerstones that Flagstaff construction relies on for a positive reputation. This Flagstaff contractor has both, and isn't afraid to show off when it comes to Flagstaff construction. Just look at the website to see for yourself.

Their experience ranges from civil to residential and commercial. This Flagstaff builder is proud of the work he's done for the city of Flagstaff. He continues to uphold the standards set by his father in serving Flagstaff contractor needs.

Professional Care for Carpets in Tucson

Tucson carpet cleaning has always been in high demand with the dusty, dry weather of southern Arizona. Luckily, there's a professional Tucson carpet cleaner who can do the job. Originally in Flagstaff, Cactus Carpet Care has recently relocated to the Tucson area. Now, the lucky people of Tucson can get the same great Tucson carpet cleaning that the citizens of Flagstaff enjoyed for years.

Their experience as Tucson carpet cleaners is unbeatable. Not only are they completely professional, but they also have years in the industry. They've restored all kinds of carpets to their original quality. It's not surprising that they are missed in Flagstaff.

Check out their website for pictures as proof, and more information on your next Tucson carpet cleaning. You've really got to schedule these Tucson carpet cleaners and give them a try. You just won't believe how beautiful your home will look when they're finished.


Marantec Statistics Unknown

I was just curious to know how many Marantec RS-02 systems have been installed recently in people's homes. I tried doing a google search to find out how many people use the Marantec M3-2312 vs the Marantec M3-3313. Unfortunately, my search didn't return any relevant results.

I guess it must not be a popular subject of curiosity, how many people use the Marantec RS-02. There are 30-page reports on the garage door industry, but I highly doubt that it specifically details how many people have the Marantec M3-2312. I definitely wasn't about to read a 30-page document just to find that information, and none of the other search results looked very promising.

It's not surprising that studies aren't being done on how many people own and use the Marantec M3-3313. But I would have at least expected earnings to show up, or sales reports. Or at least something from the manufacturer to know how popular that item is. The best information I could get was from American Garage Door Co. The information I got was about their best selling products, which included the ones perviously mentioned in this article.

It's definitely not the end of the world that I couldn't find much information on the popularity or comparisons of sales and ownership of popular garage door openers. But it might have been nice to be able to have some numbers to relay.


Attack of the Garage Door Openers

Lately it seems that garage door openers are ruling my life. Not only do I write about them at work on a regular basis, but lately strange things have been happening. The other day, I woke up thinking about a garage door opener, and I had no idea why.

That's not all, though. I was looking for tape yesterday in the drawer of a house I recently moved into and now share with three other people. Instead of tape, I found a garage door opener. It wasn't just any remote, though. It was a Liftmaster door opener.

I asked my room mate why it was there, and she told me it was because she needs to buy Liftmaster garage door opener parts for it. I told her to go to American Garage Door Co and she'd find whatever she needed, but it turns out that all she needs is a battery. She did say that if she ever wanted to replace her Liftmaster garage door opener, she'd definitely go to the site to buy it.

I guess my plague isn't that I'm being haunted by garage doors, as much as it is just that I bring my job home with me. That isn't necessarily a plague though. It just means that I love my job.

Carpet Care Services in Tucson

Tucson carpet cleaning can be a pain. Trying to get someone out in time for the company that's coming on the weekend is almost impossible on short notice. And then once they're in the house, it seems like you almost always forget to ask them for upholstery cleaning to go along with it.

Luckily there's a great solution. For great carpet cleaning Tucson can trust, Cactus Carpet Care is new in town, but experienced in the industry. For the first time, Tucson carpet care doesn't have to be a huge ordeal. Just a simple phone call can alleviate some of the stress of having house guests.

A presentable home begins with Tucson carpet care. That solution begins and ends with Cactus Carpet Care, the leaders in Tucson carpet cleaning. You can rest easy knowing that soon your carpets will look brand new, and the house call is so easy and convenient that you'll call back next time you need your Tucson upholstery cleaning.

Easy tech support by TrailsWeb LLC

Flagstaff computer repair has just gotten easier. With TrailsWeb LLC providing the best possible experience, your Flagstaff tech support needs are taken care of without you needing to worry much about the cost or hassle. Our Flagstaff computer support website, which was recently launched, will be able to assist you in determine the best and most convenient course of action for your Flagstaff computer service needs.

Certainly, we're the leaders in Flagstaff tech support. However, if we can't fulfill your Flagstaff computer service needs, we'll point you in the direction of someone who can. We're so dedicated to what we do, that we'll go the extra mile to ensure that you're satisfied with your Flagstaff computer repair service.

Our Flagstaff computer support man is on call, so he's ready when you need him to fix your computer. The best proof we can give you is with your own computer. If you're in need of computer services, give us a call and you can see for yourself that we really are the best.


Lost Garage Door Remote Control? Not a Problem

That's right. It's not a problem if you've lost your Allstar Classic. And it shouldn't be that much of a hassle to replace your Liftmaster 971LM or Liftmaster 371 LM. Now it's not a hassle anymore. American Garage Door Co. has all of these products and more on their website.

These remote controls are inexpensive, and easy to order. Better yet, they're easy to find on the American Garage Door Co. website. In fact, all of their products are easy to find. If you type the name of the product you're looking for, such as the Liftmaster 971LM , into the search bar of the website, you'll find exactly what you want in seconds. They also carry Allstar Classic remotes, compatible with many other remotes.

No doubt, garage doors are the last thing you want to think about on top of your busy schedule. So if you've lost your Liftmaster 371LM, don't worry. Just visit American Garage Door Co. online and get what you need in half the time, at affordable prices.

TrailsWeb LLC Repair Service

We've just completed a project of our own at TrailsWeb LLC! You may have seen our signs on the street advertising for Flagsaff computer repair. Now we've got a website to accompany the sign, which explains the full extent of our computer services.

Just to give a brief overview, I'd like to tell you a little bit about the site. We are really excited to be able to offer Flagstaff computer support to the people in Flagstaff. But our Flagstaff computer services aren't limited to just computer repair. We do computer upgrades, computers custom built and more!

I could probably talk about our computer support for hours, but I'll let you read about it for yourself on our brand new website! Don't forget to visit our custom built website for all the services we offer at TrailsWeb LLC. We look forward to hearing from you!


Northern Arizona Wind & Sun: The Authority on Solar Energy

Our talented website design and online marketing team has just launched our latest project. Northern Arizona Wind & Sun is the authority on solar energy, and their new online store makes them the most comprehensive retailer of solar energy products.

They sell everything from solar panels to DC lighting -- everything you'll need to start using green energy. Their expertise and variety of products will be able to fulfill the needs of those looking to convert their energy usage from the beginning, to the seasoned solar powered household searching for replacement or additional parts.

With easy navigation, the site features solar panels which can be found by brand or by wattage. A simple search in the top navigation will enable the experienced users to find exactly what they are looking for in no time at all.

This company is proud to offer DC lighting with enough variety to suit any household already in existence, or convert any household to the desires of the customer. If you're looking to improve the quality of your solar energy, upgrade or repair, or if you're looking to convert your energy usage to a renewable source, this is the place to find everything you'll need. Visit Northern Arizona Wind & Sun today.


Radiesse Dermal Filler by Dr. Cirelli

Dr. Richard Cirelli is now performing a variety of cosmetic procedures in his office. Personal injections by Dr. Cirelli are professional and safe. Botox, Juvedérm and Radiesse are just a few of the cosmetic anti-aging treatments he administers.

With all of the cosmetic treatments and surgeries available, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the best course of action. Dr. Cirelli always takes the time to see each patient individually to help them choose. Treatments like Radiesse and Juvedérm are a few alternatives to the traditional Botox treatment (also administered in office) or surgery.

Radiesse is one of the new treatments, rapidly becoming a popular treatment to correct aging skin. This might just be the fountain of youth. Unlike other treatments, Radiesse works to stimulate an increase in your body's natural collagen production. Safe, simple and professional, Radiesse could be your solution to aging skin.

Likewise, Juvedérm and Botox work in different ways to correct different symptoms of aging skin. Visit SunWest Dermatology online to learn more about these and other cosmetic treatments available now.


Professional Software Available

I don't own a home, but I do know how difficult it can be to keep track of finances. That's just in my own personal life, so a business must have exponentially more stress when handling finances. This is when loan servicing software is of great use.

Moneylender Professional was developed as a loan management software to do the tedious work that just isn't practical to do by hand. Beyond that, this payment tracking software has a myriad of other features to make life easier.

Most software in the same category as this is twice as expensive, and less capable. Most companies in need of payment tracking software will go to a store and spend heaps of money on software that is just inadequate. This might be the first loan servicing software that can handle the volume and variety needed to be worth the money spent on it.

Moneylender Professional can handle hundreds or thousands of loans, depending on your needs. Loan management software has never been as versatile as this.

Home Improvements: Installing Garage Door Remote

American Garage Door Co has been making it easy to install and replace automatic garage door parts since 1959. Nothing has changed, except that huge improvements have been made in the quality of their products and services.

Until recently, I never thought I could actually install a receiver for a garage door. But that all changed after I did a bit of research. The Marantec RS-02 is by far the most versatile and simple receiver I've ever seen. By just plugging it in and connecting two wires, I could start using my Marantec M3-2312 remote.

I'm thrilled, because I never thought it would be possible for me to actually install something like this myself. It is also nice to know that if I would ever need to replace the Marantec M3-2312 remote, I can do so with an upgrade to the Marantec M3-3313, because both are compatible with the Marantec RS-02 receiver.

It's unbelievable how simple home improvements can be. American Garage Door Co makes it easy to add convenience to your life with their online store designed by TrailsWeb.


Vision Coaching

Vision Coaching has recently teamed up with TrailsWeb to create a website for their small business. Their goal is to help you achieve your goals in life. They offer executive coaching for professionals to improve your life personally and professionally.

If you've been thinking about hiring a career coach, now is the time to call. Their executive coaching services are available now, in six month intervals. They will help you to change your professional life, and keep balance in your life.

Executive coaching, according to owner and coach Craig Maron, includes a healthy balance of four specific area in life: Family, Self, Community, and Career. These four areas are vital to your success, and all four must receive equal attention in order for you to achieve positive results.

They work with a personal focus, in addition to a professional focus, to give executive coaching to clients. Visit their website today to find out more about Vision Coaching.


Tucson, AZ Carpet Care

Cactus Carpet Care has been providing excellent carpet cleaning services since 2005. Based out of Tucson, AZ, they have the experience along with professional equipment to clean commercial carpets as well as home carpets.

They guarantee that every customer will be satisfied with their freshly cleaned floors. Since they want every customer to be completely satisfied, they also offer vehicle and carpet cleaning. In addition to these services, they will restore tile and grout to look as it did when it was new, as well as wood floor restoration.

If there's a Tucson, AZ home or business that needs a clean carpet, Cactus Carpet Care can do the job. Using steam extraction to disinfect carpets, the only thing left at the end of the job is an impressively clean carpet. Their equipment is so powerful, it can even extract oily dirt and stains that are seemingly permanent.

The website, created by TrailsWeb, has more detailed explanations of the equipment used to clean carpets, as well as the process of carpet cleaning. Cactus Carpet Care has the professional experience needed to restore carpet and furniture, to extend its life and save their customers money. Their competitive pricing helps them to attract customers who return again and again for their carpet cleaning needs in and around the Tucson, AZ area.


For Your Phoenix, AZ Small Business

If you own a small business in or around Phoenix, AZ, and don't already have a website, today is the day to consider one. Having a website for your small or medium-sized business will increase your profits and reputation. Increasing your professional appearance on the web is our specialty. All you have to do is tell us what you do and we'll ask you relevant questions so that we can design the best website for your small business.

Phoenix, AZ is a large area with a lot of small businesses. Having your own website can increase your visibility so that you can compete with the other businesses in your industry. We take that one step further, and offer increased search engine visibility on the web. TrailsWeb is dedicated to serving the small businesses of Phoenix, AZ by connecting consumers with the businesses they seek.

Most websites strive to provide answers to consumers' questions. With our website design, your business can provide those answers and attract potential customers with a friendly and inviting website. Our website design experts are excited to get started on creating the perfect website for your Phoenix, AZ business.

Call TrailsWeb today to talk about your small business website. We can provide a website design package that fits your budget, goals and style. We'll even give you an estimate on how long it might take us to design your website.


Remote Controlling

One day I decided to try using my garage door remote all around town to see if it opened any other garage doors besides mine own. My boyfriend drove and I stuck the garage door remote out the opened car window and clicked, clicked and clicked away. To my surprise my remote control opened two other doors within a 20 mile radius!

This act may have been a perpetration of some immature fun (crime?), but it has brought up a serious concern: I now wonder about security issues when dealing with garage door remotes. Are remote controls safe? I thought they were all keyed differently. I will definitely be contacting my garage door company and inquiring about such information.

I do not advocate pulling off the same sophomoric stunt I have, but I’d definitely suggest checking out your local garage door remote dealer and inquiring about the individual coding so your home remains protected.

Beware the Feuding Remotes

I want to relate my experience to all you web surfers out there my experience with Acme garage door openers. This encompasses the entire system, from the mechanical garage door openers to the remote controllers themselves. My family and I had the system installed last summer, and from day one we have had nothing but frustration.

The technician from the company was nice and the installation free, but that’s where the praise ends. Of course when we checked the system, we naturally only tried it with one remote, the first remote that was handed to us. The system worked great, so we assumed everything was fine. There were actually two remotes given to us, which naturally my wife and I would both use because of our staggered commute times.

While my remote worked, the second, untested remote, would not. This of course forced my wife to manually operate the garage door opener each time she wanted to enter and exit, instead of the infinitely more convenient remote control attached to our sun visors. We called Acme technical support, and after being unsuccessful in resetting the system over the phone, another technician came by the next day to fix the uncooperative remote.

He reset the whole garage door system, and managed to link the second remote to the opener. However, in his single-mindedness to accomplish that task, he forgot to also ensure the first remote was linked as well. After he had left, it occurred to us to check, and sure enough, now my remote was inoperative. We called the company quickly, hoping to get the technician (would had just left) to return. Instead, we got a completely clueless phone operator who proceeded, as if reading from a script, to have us reset the system ourselves like in our very first attempt.

This was on a Friday before a three-day weekend, so after haggling back and forth, we gave up and resolved ourselves to just one garage door remote, my wife and I switching each day the coveted honor of Garage Door King or Queen. We never did get the first remote control to function ever again, and not three months later even the operator chain failed, essentially reducing us to manually lifting the door up and down physically…and we owe it all to the wonderful chaps at Acme Automatic Garage Door Systems.


Trustworthy Skin Care by Dr.Cirelli

Approximately three in every four deaths from skin cancer are from melanoma (according to the American Cancer Society). Dr. Cirelli screens for and treats skin cancer at SunWest Dermatology & Skin Cancer Treatment Center. In addition to treating and screening skin cancer, Dr. Cirelli also seeks to educate and inform his patients about the prevention and treatment of skin cancer.

Dedicated to serving patients of all ages and skin types, SunWest Dermatology & Skin Cancer Treatment Center has two Arizona dermatology offices (for your convenience) located in the City of Prescott, AZ and in Prescott Valley, AZ. Dr. Cirelli specializes in skin cancer treatment, but also performs cosmetic dermatology as well as treating many other skin conditions.

Being the body's largest organ, the skin requires a lot of care. SunWest can handle the job by administering thorough, personal treatment. Cutting edge dermatological technology helps each patient get the skin care they need.

Dr. Richard A. Cirelli, M.D., P.C. has been treating patients in Prescott, AZ since 1999. His skin care serves all of your needs with specialized care and attention. Visit cirelliskinclinic.com today to learn more about Dr. Cirelli and skin care.

American Garage Door Co., Celebrates 51 Years in Business

American Garage Door Co., in business since 1959, is proud to offer high quality garage doors and related products. In addition to residential garage doors, commercial garage doors are also available in a range of styles and designs custom made to fit the customers’ needs. Competitive pricing makes purchasing a garage door more accessible, and buying accessories such as garage door openers is more affordable as well.

Garage door remotes are available from American Garage Door Co. with the promise of reliability. Each purchase of a garage door or accessory is backed by a minimum one year warranty by the manufacturer. Garage door openers and related products purchased on the website are able to be returned within 30 days of the original purchasing date. This company clearly stands behind their garage doors.

The Phoenix, AZ showroom proudly displays garage doors, remotes and keypads that combine functionality with reliability and style. You’re invited to enjoy a free consultation to discuss your garage door needs at your home or business. American Garage Door Co. will find a garage door, remote or accessory to fit any customer’s need and budget.

Visit the website today to purchase a garage door or accessory online: http://store.garagedoors.net

Or call American Garage Door Co.: 602.437.3300 (or toll-free 866.541.3300)


Nor' Easter Yachts, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics and Custom Tubing

Nor' Easter Yachts, located in Milford, CT, has been building custom fiberglass products since 1978. Nor' Easter is the preferred supplier of fiberglass reinforced plastics for several manufacturers in the New England area. This three man family company is known for their precision and responsiveness to customer requirements, as well as their dedication to thoroughly completed work.

Nor' Easter is proud to announce that they have added custom filament wound fiberglass tubing, using filament winding technology to their list of offerings.

Built by Entec Composites Machines, Nor' Easter's filament winding machine software provides precise geometric filament winding pattern generation and is used on more machines around the world than any similar application.

Visit the "Products" page of www.noreasteryachts.com and learn more.

When your prototype project, manufacturing process, or hobby requires exact fiberglass tubing with excellent rigidity and strengh, call Nick Whitman at Nor' Easter Yachts.

(203) 877-4339.

Sedona Weddings by Main Street Catering

Countless brides and grooms pick the majestic and alluring environment in and around Sedona, AZ as their wedding location. Thirty five miles north, in the town of Flagstaff is Main Street Catering. They specialize in making your Sedona Wedding day beautiful, delicious and trouble free.

With over 22 years of experience catering weddings in Sedona and all of Northern Arizona, Main Street Catering is the Sedona Wedding Catering company of choice for full service catering indoors or outdoors in any Sedona location.

The perfect Sedona Wedding is too precious to leave to a less experienced Sedona Catering company. Contact Main Street Catering owner Dave DeGraff, or Main Street's long time Sedona Catering manager, Jennifer Glennon and let them show you what they can do to contribute to your most amazing Sedona Wedding Day Reception.

(928) 774-1519


Flagstaff Has Unique Podiatric Needs

Feet in Flagstaff Arizona, have more significant medical problems than feet in most other places.

Specifically, the incidence of diabetes is higher than the national average. Diabetes causes foot problems in the form of neuropathy, or nerve damage of the feet causing numbness, and atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries that slows down circulation in the legs. People with diabetes need a foot and ankle doctor in Flagstaff they can trust.

In addition, with our local "High Altitude Training Center", Olympic hopefuls and other extreme athletes run, race, and strain their feet and bodies here. Not to mention the fact that many people of all ages and abilities enjoy hiking, and many of the hikes in the area, including the Grand Canyon hikes, are steep, treacherous and demanding on the feet and ankles. Athletes and hikers need a foot and ankle doctor in Flagstaff that knows about sports medicine.

Dr. Rosales, Flagstaff podiatrist, specializes in diabetic foot care, both prevention and treatment. He also specializes in all aspects of foot and ankle sports medicine for athletes, avid hikers and people of all ages.

Podiatry is in high demand in Flagstaff. Foot and ankle patients in Flagstaff have grown to trust and recommend Dr. Rosales, Flagstaff Podiatrist. He's an avid sportsman himself and board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. Dr. Rosales is an expert in all conditions of the feet and ankles, especially conditions related to sports medicine and diabetes.


Sedona Wedding Event and Catering

In 2007, Agave of Sedona Wedding and Event Center paired with Rosalie's of Sedona catering to bring an exquisite, full service Sedona Wedding and Sedona Event Center to those with the highest standards and discriminating taste. Rosalie's of Sedona's expert catering can be enjoyed at the Agave of Sedona Wedding and Event Center, or at many off-premise locations in the Sedona area.

Now, brides and grooms who want to experience a breathtaking Sedona Wedding amidst the majestic Red Rocks can design the entire Sedona Event with a team of expert Sedona event planners and gourmet caterers.

To bring this elegant range of wedding and event planning services to your attention, Agave of Sedona Wedding and Event Center teamed up with TrailsWeb to develop their beautiful and easy to navigate Sedona Wedding and Sedona Event website. People from all over the world find Agave of Sedona online and come to Sedona to experience the perfect Sedona wedding and reception, or the perfect special Sedona event or conference.

When looking for the perfect venue and the most creative and innovative Sedona event planners, check out www.agaveofsedona.com and look no further.


T.C.R. Rooter & Plumbing

T.C.R. Rooter & Plumbing owner Terry Ault built a solid following just by word of mouth by being an expert in all aspects of commercial and residential plumbing, and by being competitive, reliable, and downright friendly. He began his residential and commercial plumbing and drain cleaning business in 1993 in Flagstaff, AZ.

In 2007, when he decided to move and start a T.C.R. Rooter & Plumbing business in Raleigh, NC, he knew he had to catch up with the times and get a small business website developed.

He worked with the experts at TrailsWeb to develop an outstanding website for his plumbing business with effective search engine visibility.

Within weeks of moving to Raleigh, North Carolina and opening his Raleigh plumbing and drain cleaning business, his phone was ringing and he was cultivating a loyal customer base by meeting the commercial and residential plumbing and drain cleaning needs of the Raleigh, NC community.

With a first rate website in place when he made the move, and with his reliable and competitive plumbing and drain cleaning services, he hit the Raleigh, NC ground 'plumbing'.


Steakhouse and Mexican Dining in Williams, AZ

Williams, AZ is not only the "Gateway to the Grand Canyon", it's the "Gateway" to great Mexican and Steakhouse dining.

Pancho McGillicuddy's, on the corner of Second St. and Railroad Ave. provides a fun and delicious Mexican restaurant dining experience in Williams, AZ and is a favorite of locals and tourists alike.

Pancho is famous for his sizzling fajitas, Mexican combination plates, Sonoran barbecue, Carne Asada, Fish tacos, flavored Margaritas, and 30 different top shelf tequilas.

Not only will Pancho's menu offerings delight the senses, the Pancho McGillicuddy's is also a sports bar with a 9 foot big screen broadcasting in HD as well as three flat screen TVs by the bar.

In the summer months, you can enjoy your mexican food on the patio while listening to live music by talented local musicians.

North of Pancho McGillicuddy's is Doc Hollidays Steakhouse, off Interstate-40, adjacent to the Holiday Inn on Grand Canyon Blvd..

When your hunger is for char-broiled hand cut steaks, hickory smoked prime rib, mouth watering barbecue, or huge burgers to die for, this is the perfect dining destination. There are daily Steakhouse and Saloon specials including $2 drinks and $3 appetizers. With wild west decor, Doc Hollidays Steakhouse & Saloon is home-cookin' worth leaving home for.

For the discerning diner with a robust appetite, Pancho McGillicuddy's Mexican Bar and Grill, and Doc Holliday's Steakhouse and Saloon provides the range of dining experiences in beautiful Williams, AZ that is sure to please travelers and locals alike.