Flagstaff Has Unique Podiatric Needs

Feet in Flagstaff Arizona, have more significant medical problems than feet in most other places.

Specifically, the incidence of diabetes is higher than the national average. Diabetes causes foot problems in the form of neuropathy, or nerve damage of the feet causing numbness, and atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries that slows down circulation in the legs. People with diabetes need a foot and ankle doctor in Flagstaff they can trust.

In addition, with our local "High Altitude Training Center", Olympic hopefuls and other extreme athletes run, race, and strain their feet and bodies here. Not to mention the fact that many people of all ages and abilities enjoy hiking, and many of the hikes in the area, including the Grand Canyon hikes, are steep, treacherous and demanding on the feet and ankles. Athletes and hikers need a foot and ankle doctor in Flagstaff that knows about sports medicine.

Dr. Rosales, Flagstaff podiatrist, specializes in diabetic foot care, both prevention and treatment. He also specializes in all aspects of foot and ankle sports medicine for athletes, avid hikers and people of all ages.

Podiatry is in high demand in Flagstaff. Foot and ankle patients in Flagstaff have grown to trust and recommend Dr. Rosales, Flagstaff Podiatrist. He's an avid sportsman himself and board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. Dr. Rosales is an expert in all conditions of the feet and ankles, especially conditions related to sports medicine and diabetes.

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