Remote Controlling

One day I decided to try using my garage door remote all around town to see if it opened any other garage doors besides mine own. My boyfriend drove and I stuck the garage door remote out the opened car window and clicked, clicked and clicked away. To my surprise my remote control opened two other doors within a 20 mile radius!

This act may have been a perpetration of some immature fun (crime?), but it has brought up a serious concern: I now wonder about security issues when dealing with garage door remotes. Are remote controls safe? I thought they were all keyed differently. I will definitely be contacting my garage door company and inquiring about such information.

I do not advocate pulling off the same sophomoric stunt I have, but I’d definitely suggest checking out your local garage door remote dealer and inquiring about the individual coding so your home remains protected.

Beware the Feuding Remotes

I want to relate my experience to all you web surfers out there my experience with Acme garage door openers. This encompasses the entire system, from the mechanical garage door openers to the remote controllers themselves. My family and I had the system installed last summer, and from day one we have had nothing but frustration.

The technician from the company was nice and the installation free, but that’s where the praise ends. Of course when we checked the system, we naturally only tried it with one remote, the first remote that was handed to us. The system worked great, so we assumed everything was fine. There were actually two remotes given to us, which naturally my wife and I would both use because of our staggered commute times.

While my remote worked, the second, untested remote, would not. This of course forced my wife to manually operate the garage door opener each time she wanted to enter and exit, instead of the infinitely more convenient remote control attached to our sun visors. We called Acme technical support, and after being unsuccessful in resetting the system over the phone, another technician came by the next day to fix the uncooperative remote.

He reset the whole garage door system, and managed to link the second remote to the opener. However, in his single-mindedness to accomplish that task, he forgot to also ensure the first remote was linked as well. After he had left, it occurred to us to check, and sure enough, now my remote was inoperative. We called the company quickly, hoping to get the technician (would had just left) to return. Instead, we got a completely clueless phone operator who proceeded, as if reading from a script, to have us reset the system ourselves like in our very first attempt.

This was on a Friday before a three-day weekend, so after haggling back and forth, we gave up and resolved ourselves to just one garage door remote, my wife and I switching each day the coveted honor of Garage Door King or Queen. We never did get the first remote control to function ever again, and not three months later even the operator chain failed, essentially reducing us to manually lifting the door up and down physically…and we owe it all to the wonderful chaps at Acme Automatic Garage Door Systems.


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