Attack of the Garage Door Openers

Lately it seems that garage door openers are ruling my life. Not only do I write about them at work on a regular basis, but lately strange things have been happening. The other day, I woke up thinking about a garage door opener, and I had no idea why.

That's not all, though. I was looking for tape yesterday in the drawer of a house I recently moved into and now share with three other people. Instead of tape, I found a garage door opener. It wasn't just any remote, though. It was a Liftmaster door opener.

I asked my room mate why it was there, and she told me it was because she needs to buy Liftmaster garage door opener parts for it. I told her to go to American Garage Door Co and she'd find whatever she needed, but it turns out that all she needs is a battery. She did say that if she ever wanted to replace her Liftmaster garage door opener, she'd definitely go to the site to buy it.

I guess my plague isn't that I'm being haunted by garage doors, as much as it is just that I bring my job home with me. That isn't necessarily a plague though. It just means that I love my job.

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