Marantec Statistics Unknown

I was just curious to know how many Marantec RS-02 systems have been installed recently in people's homes. I tried doing a google search to find out how many people use the Marantec M3-2312 vs the Marantec M3-3313. Unfortunately, my search didn't return any relevant results.

I guess it must not be a popular subject of curiosity, how many people use the Marantec RS-02. There are 30-page reports on the garage door industry, but I highly doubt that it specifically details how many people have the Marantec M3-2312. I definitely wasn't about to read a 30-page document just to find that information, and none of the other search results looked very promising.

It's not surprising that studies aren't being done on how many people own and use the Marantec M3-3313. But I would have at least expected earnings to show up, or sales reports. Or at least something from the manufacturer to know how popular that item is. The best information I could get was from American Garage Door Co. The information I got was about their best selling products, which included the ones perviously mentioned in this article.

It's definitely not the end of the world that I couldn't find much information on the popularity or comparisons of sales and ownership of popular garage door openers. But it might have been nice to be able to have some numbers to relay.

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