Allstar Classic Isn't Just A Sports Term Anymore

Allstar Classic definitely conjures some images of late summer baseball games in my mind. But just because that's the most common association doesn't mean it can't have more. Now that I've been working at TrailsWeb for the past few months, and doing quite a bit of work for American Garage Door Co, I've begun to think of garage door openers when I think of a lot of different things. The Allstar Classic 318MHz is just one example of a new association for that phrase.

In addition to thinking of garage door remotes when I hear some specific key words, I also think of them in general more often than I ever though possible. LiftMaster 971LM happens to come to mind whenever someone talks about lifting heavy objects. I didn't think it was possible, but I think of the LiftMaster 371LM when I see men's fitness magazines, or commercials for weight lifting equipment.

I won't say that it's become a problem, or anything close, but the LiftMaster 971LM comes to mind when I go into the garage for anything. When my room mate mentioned her desire for a garage in a new home, I couldn't help but wonder whether I'd have a brand new LiftMaster 371LM remote.

It might sound ridiculous, but when you spend as much time as I do contemplating garage door openers, it's hard not to make these associations. It's alright with me that I think of the Allstar Classic 318 MHz whenever anyone mentions the World Series, because I'm not much of a sports fan anyway.

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