Allstar: Elite Functionality Remotes

The Allstar 639T 318 MHz just looks like a high tech clicker. Actually, it is a high tech remote control. It's just not as difficult to use as the term "high-tech" might imply. The functionality allows this one garage door remote to open nine different doors. Not only that, but it also has an open-stop-close functionality with separate labeled buttons to facilitate the easiest use of this garage door opener.

The Allstar Classic is just as great, but has a completely different use. This remote might be really useful for domestic use. The Allstar 639T 318 MHz, on the other hand, is great for commercial use. The Allstar Classic still has three buttons on it, though, which makes it great for a two-door garage.

Really, both of these garage door remotes are excellent choices. Both have their own specific uses, and are a bargain for the price from American Garage Doors. As far as other garage door openers go, they have great selection and excellent customer service.

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