Crepes in Flagstaff

Old Town Creperie has just opened for the season, and their website went up just in time for the start of the Flagstaff restaurant season. I haven't gotten a chance to try one yet, but they sound amazing. Next time I go out to eat at a Flagstaff restaurant, it's definitely going to be at the Old Town Creperie.

Their website has some great information on it about restaurants Flagstaff offers. From the history of the crepe to how they got started, this website is really comprehensive. They've even got a coupon online for anyone who visits the site!

It's really exciting to see the restaurants Flagstaff has flourish. I feel like the Old Town Creperie really adds something to downtown Flagstaff restaurants. It's in a great location, too, right near Heritage Square in historic downtown.

Every time I walked by it for the past few months, I wished it was open so I could grab a quick bite to eat that is likely the most delicious eating in Flagstaff. Finally it's open for the season, and I can't wait to try one.

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