Flagstaff Wine at Vino Loco

Since moving to Flagstaff, I've developed a liking for Flagstaff wine stores. My favorite one is Vino Loco because they have the best selection and support the local community and local vineyards. They believe it's important to support Arizona wine country because they are the up and coming growers of excellent wine.

I couldn't agree more. Arizona wine country is one of the most unique places, producing some of the most interesting wines around. I haven't gone on an Arizona wine tour yet, but I hope to sometime soon. Vino Loco offers Arizona wine tours leaving from Flagstaff, and they sound like so much fun.

I wonder if they are as much fun as a Flagstaff wine tasting. I think most Flagstaff wine neglects to involve the community, which is just another factor that sets Vino Loco so far ahead of the rest. I haven't been in Flagstaff for that long, but I can already see why this is such a wonderful place. There are so many fun activities and events here.

Flagstaff wine tastings are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fun things to do in town. But they're  definitely worth checking out if you're new in town or just looking for something fun to do. If a fun and flavorful bottle of wine interests you, I highly recommend checking out Vino Loco.

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