Flagstaff's Finest Legal Representation

Flagstaff attorneys mostly deal with family law issues. However, with the recent SB 1070, I'm sure Flagstaff lawyers are dealing a lot more with immigration cases. In this area of the country, it must be important for every Flagstaff attorney to be well versed in immigration laws.

Growing up on the east coast, I had never even heard of the issues that Flagstaff lawyers must deal with every day. Now that I live in Arizona, I can't believe what kinds of immigration issues Flagstaff attorneys must have to handle. Especially in the aftermath of SB 1070, I would guess that most Flagstaff attorneys are dealing with at least one or two cases of unfair discrimination as a result of the ridiculous bill.

Jennifer Nagel is a Flagstaff attorney who will handle family law in addition to those immigration cases. She's also one Flagstaff lawyer who will represent you in cases of probate, spousal support and guardianship cases. If that wasn't enough, the office also provides mediation services in addition to Flagstaff legal representation. And this Flagstaff attorney also offers document preparation, power of attorney documentation, and paralegal services. So for any legal service you may need, Flagstaff lawyers can provide the solution.

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