Genie GIT-1 and GIT-3

Genie has become a genericized trademark for all garage door openers. That is surprising to me, because the word genie doesn't really have that effect on me. But it is widely used to refer to garage door openers. The word itself might actually refer to the Genie GIT-1 or the Genie GIT-3; or it might just refer to another brand of garage door remotes.

I'm pretty sure my old house had a Genie GIT-1. It was so simple because there was only one button. You'd push it to open, and then push it again to close the door. The simplicity of the Genie GIT-3 is great too. It has three buttons, but it still looks and feels simple.

Maybe that actually is because genie has been branded the new name of garage door openers. My personal thoughts are that the buttons are large enough on the remote that the whole things looks easier to use. Also, the buttons are shaped differently, so you can easily tell them apart. The biggest one is to open the door, and the other two are to stop it and close it.

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