LEED Certified Green Building from Henderson Companies

One of our customers, Todd Henderson of the Henderson Companies, has been working on LEED certification for a construction project of his for quite a while.

LEED certification is a process that requires the involvement of the general contractor (Todd), the architect, the owner, and several other professionals.  It requires careful consideration from the start of the project through material selection and construction through ongoing occupancy commitments.  LEED is a process of ensuring the environmental impact of the construction and use of a building is a low as possible.

In preparation for writing the LEED pages (here and here) of Todd's site I read through the point assignment criteria of the LEED 2009 specification.  It's a technical document that's just under 100 pages long.  The document goes from subject to subject, describing how builders and designers can get points for building green.  I have to admit, I'm thoroughly impressed with the extensive considerations they've put into how to make a building that keeps its occupants healthy and has the minimum impact on the surrounding environment.

Huge respect for Todd and the Henderson Companies team for taking on such a major green building initiative.  If everyone worked toward this lofty standard the future would be a much brighter place!