Allergy Relief from Flagstaff Carpet Cleaner

I’ve suffered from allergies all my life. From dust to pollen, I suffer from an array of indoor and outdoor allergies. I used to wake up with itchy eyes, sneezing and coughing from mold spores and dust. Then I called a Flagstaff carpet cleaner.

After my carpets were cleaned, my allergies improved. I never thought my carpets were dirty, because they weren’t stained and didn’t look bad. Even with the regular vacuuming, they still held dust mites and pollen, some of my allergies’ worst nightmares.

I had no idea how much a Flagstaff carpet cleaner was needed, until my carpets were cleaned, and my indoor allergies seemed to disappear. Now I call Carpet Care Connection every 6 months to have my carpets cleaned and maintained. It continues to help my allergies, and I am a satisfied customer.

I even had them do my Flagstaff blind cleaning. As an added bonus to my allergies clearing up, my home looks better than ever. I never knew how much dirt was hiding in my carpets. After calling my Flagstaff carpet cleaner, it looks like I’ve replaced my carpets, but for a fraction of the cost.


Meticulously Cleaned by Carpet Care Connection

Arizona carpet cleaning is an absolute necessity. With all of the dust and dirt that blows in from the dry Northern Arizona desert, carpets can get pretty dirty. That’s not to mention any spills, pet stains, mud and other accidents that can cause your carpets to look awful.

The good news is that Carpet Care Connection has the best equipment, professionally trained Arizona carpet cleaners to use it. They make it easy to get clean carpets quickly, without having to rent or buy huge, loud equipment that you don’t know how to use or where to store.

They’ll bring their expertise to you, and leave your home, car or commercial space better than it’s looked in years. The only thing you have to do is make the call. Let Carpet Care Connection show you how good your carpets can look.

Carpet cleaners in Flagstaff are not all the same. We guarantee our carpets to be clean, and presentable after we finish. There is only one way to find out how clean your carpets can be. Call the best Northern Arizona carpet cleaning service today!


What to Know about Rosacea

Rosacea is a very common condition.  Millions of Americans experience Rosacea at some point in their lives.  With symptoms ranging from flushed cheeks to eyelid cysts, flaking or oily skin to stinging or burning, Rosacea can have a deep and personal impact on your life.  People with a personal or family history of Rosacea or acne are more likely to have more aggressive forms of Rosacea.  Symptoms typically appear as people approach their mid thirties to fifties.  Sometimes the symptoms go away after several years, and sometimes the symptoms continue to flare.

People with Rosacea commonly feel depressed or isolated, even avoiding social events out of embarrassment or awkwardness.  Rosacea can raise stress levels.  Sometime people assume the red face is a sign of an alcohol problem.  When your face is discolored or uneven, it is very difficult to feel relaxed and comfortable with other people whether at work, out and about, or at home.

Rosacea is divided into subtypes, each with their own set of symptoms and treatments.  Treatment in nearly all cases can help reduce or eliminate existing symptoms and future flares.  A special skin care regimen is typically included in a course of treatment and plays a major role in controlling flaring symptoms.

The earlier you are treated, the more effective the treatment is likely to be.  When caught early, the symptoms may be completely controlled.

Flagstaff Carpet Cleaning Service

The folks at Carpet Care Connection in Flagstaff, Arizona know that reputation is crucial to success in a small town.  With great service come referral customers.  Completing every job to satisfaction is not a burden; it's an opportunity to prove the belief in good work.

Getting my carpets cleaned by Jesse and Carpet CareConnection, I was able to see these ideals played out in hard work and service.  From start to finish, it was obvious that doing the job thoroughly and professionally was the goal.  I felt respected and appreciated, and I was delighted with the final result.

I know I won't ever have to chance it on anyone else because the service I got from Carpet Care Connection was better than I expected.  They really are committed to satisfied customers and immaculate carpet.  If you need a carpet cleaner in Flagstaff, I wholeheartedly recommend Jesse Hanley and Carpet Care Connection.


An Excellent Flagstaff Carpet Cleaner

I recently had my carpets cleaned in preparation for a new tenant in my home-turned-rental.  I've been the webmaster for Jesse's carpet cleaning website (flagstaffcarpetcare.com) for a couple years, so of course I asked him to clean my carpets.  It's been a pleasure working with Jesse and I can certify him as a forward thinking and innovative business owner.  This was my first chance to really see his carpet cleaning services up close.

He arrived in a commercial box car with his high-power truck-mount carpet cleaning equipment inside.  If you've never been exposed to carpet cleaning in any detail, I'll tell you the difference in quality between a truck-mount cleaning system and a portable one is night and day.  The truck-mounts have a ton more power but the cleaning "wand" is a lot lighter.  Jesse was outfitted with an impressive carpetcleaning setup.

He looked over my carpets and got to work.  About half way through he showed me the carpet so I could see the before and after side-by-side.  I had a dog essentially living in one of the bedrooms of the house and the hair and dirt were pretty serious.  The sharp line between the brown carpet and the bright white part that Jesse had already cleaned was evidence of just how bad the carpet was, and how good it could be.

I recently moved to South Dakota, and immediately paid someone to clean the carpets up here.  Comparing the two results, I'm especially impressed with Jesse's work.