An Excellent Flagstaff Carpet Cleaner

I recently had my carpets cleaned in preparation for a new tenant in my home-turned-rental.  I've been the webmaster for Jesse's carpet cleaning website (flagstaffcarpetcare.com) for a couple years, so of course I asked him to clean my carpets.  It's been a pleasure working with Jesse and I can certify him as a forward thinking and innovative business owner.  This was my first chance to really see his carpet cleaning services up close.

He arrived in a commercial box car with his high-power truck-mount carpet cleaning equipment inside.  If you've never been exposed to carpet cleaning in any detail, I'll tell you the difference in quality between a truck-mount cleaning system and a portable one is night and day.  The truck-mounts have a ton more power but the cleaning "wand" is a lot lighter.  Jesse was outfitted with an impressive carpetcleaning setup.

He looked over my carpets and got to work.  About half way through he showed me the carpet so I could see the before and after side-by-side.  I had a dog essentially living in one of the bedrooms of the house and the hair and dirt were pretty serious.  The sharp line between the brown carpet and the bright white part that Jesse had already cleaned was evidence of just how bad the carpet was, and how good it could be.

I recently moved to South Dakota, and immediately paid someone to clean the carpets up here.  Comparing the two results, I'm especially impressed with Jesse's work.


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