Daily Scrum (2013-08-09)

Ok, let's get this day started!

What I did last week:

I wrote an article with a couple bits of info for potential lenders to help them get started.  I helped a couple customers with their various needs.  I finished up the new portfolio, open portfolio, and close portfolio code in Moneylender's main window and started revising the refresh routines that draw the loans in the portfolio onto the main window.

What I hope to accomplish today:

I'd like to update the Moneylender Settings dialog to allow for all the fields in a loan and associated records (Borrowers, Lenders, Additional Comments) to be added to the main window.  The new file structure has a convenient mechanism to automate the list of what can be displayed.  While some of it might not be pretty, most of it should show up nicely without additional coding.

I'd like to also continue work on the code that refreshed the main List of Loans.  My hope is that I get to a place where the code that displays the loans is more or less complete today, but that's being a little ambitious.

I'd also like to set up a wiki on the Moneylender Professional site for the MLP 3.0 User's Guide.  Since I'll be referring to specific section of the program in these daily scrum posts, it'd be helpful to link directly to the content which describes the features under development.

Roadblocks that might prevent me from completing my work:

Setting up the Wiki might take too long or I may have to try multiple products before I find one that suits my needs.  I have to make a few billing related calls to clients, and (hopefully) set up a project with a freelance writer.  I would like to write another article for the Moneylender Professional blog, too.

Thanks for checking in, see you next week. :)

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