Daily Scrum (2013-08-16)

What did I do last week?

  • I got a Wiki set up for the MLP 3.0 help documents.  I added one page about the List of Loans to verify the system works properly.  It’s still the default colors, which will need to be changed at some point, but at least the technical challenge is over.  
  • I rewrote the code in the Moneylender Settings dialog that displays the available columns that appear on the List of Loans with checkboxes to enable the fields you want.  You can display any field from Loan, Borrower, Lender or Extended Loan Notes on the main window.  
  • I wrote an article about funding sources for lenders for the Moneylender blog.

What do I want to do today?

I have to make several edits and additions to a client’s website today.  It’ll likely take up the whole day.  I have nearly completed an ad rotation system that balances ad rotation between global and regional advertisers to a geolocated audience.  There are also bugs in the code that have been popping up and need to be fixed.

Any roadblocks in my way?

This other website will be taking my full attention so I won’t be able to commit to doing edits to Moneylender today.  If, by some miracle, I finish the ad rotation system and can complete that project, I’ll switch gears and begin designing a new list of loans.  The the list will get a visual and functional overhaul to provide greater flexibility with what's on the main window and provide more intuitive feedback to the user.

On a side note, the wheels are slowly turning to relocate to upstate NY.  It’ll probably happen in about eight months.  It’ll mean some very important changes at TrailsWeb.  We can go back to providing phone support Monday through Friday, and there will be an abundance of talented people looking for work to help with development and documentation of the software.

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