Daily Scrum (2013-08-23)

Back on Moneylender today!

What I did last week…

Last week I worked on a website for a customer, fixing a bug and furthering progress on an advertising system.  Little progress was made on MLP, save a few replies to customer service emails.  I added a couple new items to the Moneylender Product Backlog (a list of features the program doesn’t have yet but would be awesome if it did) thanks to the inquiries of a customer and a prospective customer.

What I hope to do this week…

I’d like to continue work on how the list of loans is drawn.  Specifically, I’d like to have the selected columns from the options dialog appear in the main window and I’d like to have the code that loads each item in the main window be rewritten to match the new data structure.  I also have to post six articles (already written by the stellar Angela Sears) to various other blogs for some of our other clients.

Any roadblocks in the way?

I have to do some research about corporations and filings for a few states in preparation for a change that will happen in about eight months.  I need to make a return phone call to a customer that called earlier this week, and a final call to a non-paying client before turning off their website.  Other than that, it should be smooth sailing.  I’ll use time-boxing to make sure none of these things erodes the amount of effort I give to Moneylender’s code.

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