Daily Scrum (2013-08-30)

Last week:

Last Friday I made moderate progress on Moneylender 3.  I “finished” revising the code that draws the loans into the List of Loans.  I rewrote the routine that fixes Multilender (when a lender owns all or part of a loan at a discount) records where the associated lender record was deleted.  I rewrote half of the dialogs in the Borrower wizard.  I started to work on the replacement code for storing the Borrower images.  MLP3 has a huge overhaul to how it stores images.  It’ll shrink the portfolio files significantly, while allowing larger, clearer pictures and images.

This morning I published three articles; one on the Moneylender blog that I wrote, and two on TrailsWeb’s “newest website” blog written by the talented Angela Sears.

This week:

I committed to spending today doing development for a client’s website so I won’t be working on Moneylender today.  I hope to add pages to the administrative section of their website to allow them to set advertising preferences, location information, and similar for new and existing advertisements.

I am also forming a new corporation as I begin the process of relocating to a community rife with brilliant people ready to work.  That transition should allow me to hire talented programmers and support personnel to take our products and services to the next level.  But, for now, it’s one small step at a time.  Today I hope to complete some of that paperwork.

Roadblocks to accomplishing those goals?

None really.  I’ll probably need to make a few phone calls here and there to get answers to questions, but that’s about it.

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