Daily Scrum (2013-09-06)

What I did last time…

I ended up taking Labor Day off from the State of South Dakota and worked on Moneylender Professional 3, instead.  I made some pretty good headway toward getting the program to compile under the new file system.  Specifically: finished revising the Borrower Wizard, Lender Wizard, Multilender Association dialog, Loan Wizard, Import Payments Wizard, Third Party Wizard and Loan from Template Wizard; rewrote the code that reads and writes images for the borrower and lender, and made several edits to the program’s main window.  A lot of code was updated.

What I hope to do today…

My mail server has been plagued with problems lately.  Hackers hijacked two accounts and flooded my server with spam for about 16 hours.  Then the spam filter died because it couldn’t keep up with all the new examples of spam to train on anymore.  Without a spam filter, regular amounts of spam were flowing through the server.  Some of my customers have their email forwarded to gmail, yahoo and hotmail accounts.  With regular levels of spam being redirected to these other mail servers, my server was blocked by those service providers.  I managed to cobble a rewrite together in the hours before and after my 10 hour shifts at the State, but I’m still on the no-fly list for at least gmail.

So, what I’m doing today is beefing up my spam filter, including a revision to the networking components.  Since those networking components are the same ones that will drive MLP3’s new encrypted network protocol, it’s actually a good thing for MLP3.  All those videos and whitepapers on machine learning algorithms and probability statistics has finally paid off – I finally understand how to get a numerically accurate percent likelihood that a message is spam, based on previous exposure to spam and ham.  My new Bayesian classifier should be significantly better than the old one.

Actually, I already spent most of the day tweaking the spam filter by the time I’m actually posting this.  At this point I just need to wrap the server in a windows service and install it on the server again.

Any roadblocks?

Yeah, all the spammers bombarding my server 24/7 and all the hackers trolling every Barnes and Noble WiFi scraping credentials.  Grrr…

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