Daily Scrum (2013-09-13)

What have I done since last time?

It's been one very challenging week for me. After those email accounts were compromised two weeks ago, I’ve been working hard to really lock down the mail server. Gmail still has us banned but hopefully that will have lifted by this time next week. Spam is at an all-time low for many of TrailsWeb’s users thanks to the rewrites I did on the spam filter.

No progress on Moneylender Professional since the last daily scrum, and it looks like the email snafu has also gotten MLP (hosted on the same IP as the mail server) booted from Google’s search results. Getting to Google’s front page was the result of years of hard work and persistent content creation – dashed out in an instant by a handful of spammers. We haven’t sold a copy of the software since the mail server was compromised.

What do I plan to do today?

Today I’ll be filing more paperwork, paying bills, registering with various government entities and creating bank accounts for TrailsWeb, myself, and the brand-new Whitman Technological Corporation.

I’ll also be writing a windows service that scans a variety of server logs and reconfigures the firewall to block IP addresses if malicious traffic is detected. It appears I can’t afford to be without something like this to keep everything running properly, and neither can the other businesses that rely on my hosting services.

I’ll also be “turning the screws” on my spam filter. Right now, it’s doing a fantastic job and it’s set to only block mail if the combined subject and message body spam probabilities are 98% or higher. I have some good history built up in the last week that I can use to determine a lower setting, blocking more spam without blocking good mail.

I doubt I’ll get more than that done today. If I can, I’ll go back to making revisions to the code for Moneylender’s main window.

Any roadblocks that stand in my way?

The huge downgrade for Moneylender’s placement on Google is disheartening. From a technical standpoint, there aren’t many hurdles. All the code for firewall management has been tested experimentally. Now it’s just a question of putting it into a practical application.

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