Daily Scrum (2013-10-04)

What I've done since last time…

I was sick all last week, and I still have a cough I’m trying to get rid of. I haven’t made much progress on MLP for about four weeks because of the mail server issues that needed to be dealt with. Now that that has all stabilized, I have time today to make some good progress on MLP.

What I hope to do today…

MLP's sales have always been somewhat irregular, but 2013 has seen more consistent sales than ever before. At the present, we're in a bit of a dry spell that we haven't seen for nearly a year. My goal today is to upgrade MLP 2 to .NET 4 and change the activation system to use the new system that MLP 3 will be sold under. I hope to have MLP available for purchase on TrailsWeb's online store by the end of the day today.

Any roadblocks?

I have to make two small edits on other websites which shouldn't take very long. Moving all the existing licenses into the new activation system might be a chore. Getting the online store production ready by the end of the day is a pretty major undertaking. I have to watch my son for an hour at 1 PM. Other than that, it should be smooth sailing.

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