Daily Scrum (2013-10-11)

What did I do last week?

Well, obviously, I bit off more than I could chew.  I did make a lot of great progress on the system that installs licenses automatically, and the system that allows manual license assignment on the web.  I forgot how many things I had to change from MLP2 to get it to work in .NET 4, so that was an unreasonable goal to set for a single day.

What will I do today?

Today I’ll be working in MLP3 to get the code to compile so I can get it running again.  There’s a lot of code still that needs to be rewritten, but hopefully I can make another big dent in it.  When it can compile and run, it’s going to be a fast and fun ride to the release of the program.


I have a couple phone calls to make, a couple tax forms to fill out, and some small jobs for other customers.  Since I do my best work in the morning, I’m going to give myself until 3PM to work on Moneylender and then button those other things up in the afternoon.

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