Daily Scrum (2013-10-14)

What did I do last time?

Friday was awesome.  I worked on Moneylender Professional 3 all day, only taking a brief pause at 4:00 to do a couple small things for another client then back on Moneylender until 5:00.  I made what I estimate to be about 3000 fixes to compiler errors!  As far as I can tell, the main window should compile – which is a major feat.  Also, several forms such as "Manage Payments", "Manage Regular Payment", "Manage Late Fee" were upgraded to the new file system.  I believe about 2/3 of the loan calculator is also done.  It's hard to tell exactly what remains because Visual Studio only shows the first 100 compiler errors it encounters, so there might be another 2,000 errors or there may be another 20,000.  If I had to guess, I'd say more than half the program has been revised so it will compile.

What do I plan to do today?

It's a bonus day to work at TrailsWeb, with the State of South Dakota being closed for Columbus Day.  I'd be super excited if I can get the rest of the compiler errors fixed and start debugging the program under the new file system.  So today I'm just going to go through as many compiler errors as I can and if I get them all I'm going to start debugging the program and adding in missing pieces of functionality.

Roadblocks that might stand in my way?

Today is a freebie on the TrailsWeb schedule.  Also, there's not much else I need to be working on right now.  If I get tired of compiler errors, I might hop over to a small HTML5 / Audio conversion job for a couple hours.

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