Daily Scrum (2013-10-18)

What did I do last time?

On Monday, I worked at TrailsWeb because the State was closed and made another good push toward getting the program to compile.  As far as I can tell, the main window compiles and the loan calculator code compiles.  Many of the reports, the template designers and print-time template drawing code, along with several other forms compile, too.

What I hope to do today…

I'm going to keep plugging away at those compiler errors until the program can start.  It'll undoubtedly crash like crazy until I rewrite and debug all the new pieces and fix where they splice with the existing MLP system.  I've been working out a new structure for how MLP will store the loan data which will make viewing the loan data and recalculating the loan much faster - it'll also simplify the loan calculator system.  I doubt I'll start implementing that today, but I am refining that design as I review the code while fixing compiler errors.


Time, patience, and focus.  I've been making great headway the last two weeks, and I want to keep it up.  I have a quick edit to make on a website, and a moderate one on another site which will take a bite out of the hours in the day, but there should still be plenty of time for fixing compiler errors.

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