Daily Scrum (2013-10-25)

This morning I dug right into the software and started working through compiler errors at 6:40AM.  After several hours and about 500 compiler errors, I started checking to see if the error count would drop below 102 (it stops at 102, so there's an unknown number of errors beyond that).  And finally, after weeks of non-stop error fixing, the number dropped to 70.  I quickly fixed the remaining errors and started the program.  The main window popped up, in rough shape but at least it was running!

So what did I do last time?

I fixed a couple thousand more compiler errors.  The program finally compiles as of 11AM today!

What do I hope to do with what's left of the day?

I'm going to start debugging the foundation of the software - opening and closing the new portfolio files, and maybe even try to create a new loan.  There's going to be thousands of bugs in the program, but at least now I can start testing and refining the user interface, etc.

Any roadblocks in my way?

I have some paperwork to do and a few phone calls to make, but I'm so excited the program runs I'll probably forget to do that stuff.

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