Daily Scrum (2013-11-01)

What did I do last time?

I started working on MLP's file system, getting the new portfolios to store and retrieve records properly.  I rewrote the way MLP stores its program and license settings.  I started debugging the loan, borrower and lender wizards.

What do I hope to do today?

It's been a tough day (writing this at 4PM), with a lot of bills and paperwork getting dealt with.  I hope to continue working a little more this evening and make some more progress on the program.  The loan calculation system is going to need a total rewrite, which will be a lot of work.

Any roadblocks?

Time, sleep.  I can't concentrate when I'm exhausted, and there's no time to get enough sleep to be well rested.  Without employees to help with the workload there's not much I can do to speed things along.  I'll keep working on it, though.

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