Daily Scrum (2013-11-09)

What did I do last time?

Last week I worked on some of MLP's user interface in the main window; mostly the list of loans, and wizards.  I started putting the structure for the new calculation system into the code.

What do I hope to do today?

Saturdays are always a little tougher to set goals since I have housework and family to tend to as well.  I've already been working on Moneylender Professional's new loan calculator system.  My goal is to get the program to be able to calculate a simple loan as quickly as possible.  With the new structure, all the other functions like discount earned and reporting can use the Transaction records generated by the calculator for everything, instead of having hooks into the calculator itself to extract the information during calculation.  It should simplify the calculator and other features substantially.

Roadblocks that might prevent me from reaching my goal?

I doubt I'll get the calculator working today, but I hope to lay down some important groundwork.  I've already written code that clears the transactions from a specified date and enhanced the code that loads the data from file.

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