Daily Scrum (2013-11-22)

What did I do last time?

Last time I finally got enough of the foundational functionality of the loan calculator written that I got right up to the point where it's adjusting the amount due for each due date on a loan.  Currently, MLP's amortized loan calculator can account for: original principal; principal, interest and fee adjustments; late fees; and escrow fees.

What do I hope to do today?

I'm going to continue developing the calculator so it can calculate amount due, interest and apply payments to the loan.  Much of the groundwork has already been laid for this.  With any luck, I might begin debugging the rough calculator.

Any roadblocks?

My family and I are driving to Rochester, NY for Thanksgiving.  I'll be bringing my little netbook so I can remote back to my computer and check email.  I may also do some work on Moneylender while I'm away.  So preparing for the trip might take some of my attention today.

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