Daily Scrum 2014-01-31

What did I do last time?

I’m doing a restructure and relocation of my businesses.  Don’t worry, all it means is that I’m moving to a different state and I’m doing all the paperwork to be a legal business entity there.  So last week I worked on filing various forms, buying insurance, and preparing some other business documents.

What do I plan to do this week?

Unfortunately, this paperwork is essential to keeping the doors open so it has my full attention today.  I won’t be making any progress on Moneylender Professional 3.0 unless I somehow manage to do two weeks of paperwork in one day.  I will certainly be available for phone calls and emails all day, however.

Roadblocks to today’s goal?

Hopefully none.  If all goes very well, I should be back into developing MLP3 in a couple weeks.  I still have to do my 2013 tax returns so that’s going to take a day or two in the upcoming weeks, also.


Daily Scrum (2014-01-17)

What did I do last time?

It’s been a while since I posted the Daily Scrum.  Mercifully, it’s largely because I was on vacation during the holidays.  I did also have several other smaller projects to do, and the release of MLP 2.0.1beta.

So in the last month or so at lot happened.  MLP 2.0.1 beta made it onto the internet.  I wrote a few updates to the beta already and released those.  Lots of customer service emailing and phone calls as people roll into the new year and try out the beta.

What do I hope to do today?

I published MLP this morning, and I have two websites to edit today.  I have some paperwork to take care of also.  And I’ll be watching my son for about an hour and a half.  I hope that by the end of the day I’m going to have everything wrapped up and maybe put a little time into MLP3’s new loan calculation system.


Time is always a critically limited resource.