Daily Scrum 2014-01-31

What did I do last time?

I’m doing a restructure and relocation of my businesses.  Don’t worry, all it means is that I’m moving to a different state and I’m doing all the paperwork to be a legal business entity there.  So last week I worked on filing various forms, buying insurance, and preparing some other business documents.

What do I plan to do this week?

Unfortunately, this paperwork is essential to keeping the doors open so it has my full attention today.  I won’t be making any progress on Moneylender Professional 3.0 unless I somehow manage to do two weeks of paperwork in one day.  I will certainly be available for phone calls and emails all day, however.

Roadblocks to today’s goal?

Hopefully none.  If all goes very well, I should be back into developing MLP3 in a couple weeks.  I still have to do my 2013 tax returns so that’s going to take a day or two in the upcoming weeks, also.

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