Daily Scrum (2014-03-21)

What did I do last time?

Set up an arrangement that will eventually enable me to hire on more staff from a more business-friendly location.

What do I hope to do today?

Back on MLP3 after a long break!!!  Because Moneylender Professional 3’s loan calculation system is drastically different from the one in Moneylender 2, there will be some major changes to how you can view your loans.  The biggest change is a view into the calculations that works similarly to running a Complete Accounting Report in Moneylender 2, but it’s easily accessed from the list of loans.

Today I hope to write a basic version of that view so I can continue to develop and debug the new loan calculator’s various flavors (fixed term, flexible, variable payment, variable schedule, etc.) and test the calculations for accuracy.


I don’t have any outstanding side work (that I remember) and just one meeting at 11:30 today which hopefully won’t take long.

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