Daily Scrum (2014-03-29)

What did I do last time?

I did some work on the Amortized Loan Engine to work properly while respecting more of the various settings for a loan.  I set up a Loan Manager dialog (name will probably change) that shows all the transactions on a loan as generated by the loan engine.  It’s a special form that shows transactions on the various accounts Moneylender will now be managing on each loan: Overall balance, Interest balance, Principal balance, Escrow balance, Fee balance, Amount Due balance, and Interest Bearing balance.  In MLP3 you can see every transaction that affects each of these balances.  Aside from Escrow transactions, which work more like a separate account that’s associated with the loan’s account, all the transactions eventually end up on the Overall balance transaction list.

Here’s a screenshot of this very roughly implemented form:

I also wrote a few things into the MLP3 support Wiki detailing behaviors as I coded those behaviors into the software.  And I wrote a standalone program for my own use that lets me open .mlp3 files and shows me the structure and records it contains.  It’s like a portfolio viewer program.  It also helps me verify the file isn’t corrupt and see what records are present independently of Moneylender, so I can tell more easily what the problem is if something is going wrong.

What do I hope to do today?

Yesterday I was watching our son most of the day and didn’t get to do too much more focused work.  My wife graciously offered to wrangle our son solo today so I could do some work this morning.
I’m going through the loan wizard today and updating the look and settings on each dialog, ensuring those settings get respected in the underlying calculations.  Hopefully I can have the amortized engine working robustly.  MLP2 has a TON of capabilities.  The structure underneath the loan calculator needed a reworking, but it still has a lot of features packed in.  I have my work cut out for me!


None.  I did all the other stuff yesterday, so I’m home free today!

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