Daily Scrum (2014-04-19)

What happened last time?

It's been two weeks since I posted progress.  In addition to various jobs for other customers I've managed to make some good headway on Moneylender 3.  Here’s a list of things I did:
  • Make settings in Portfolio Settings propagate to the program when settings are saved.
  • Looked into setting up localized resources.
  • Worked through Loan Wizard, updating layout and labeling.
  • Added currency and rate formatting to records in the list of loans.
  • Added currency align to left or right of number.
  • Added message that appears when portfolio indexes are being rebuilt.
  • Portfolio properly marks indexes as out of sync as soon as it opens so the indexes are rebuilt if the program is closed abnormally (abnormal closing happens constantly during development, and is pretty regular when the program is left open and Windows Updates install automatically).
  • Rebuilt borrower wizard to allow larger dialogs – consolidated the addresses into one dialog.

I've been starting the program and going through the process of setting up a normal loan.  When I hit a part of the program that doesn't do what it's supposed to, I go fix it and start over.  It's a good way to make steady progress toward a usable product, now that at least the bare beginnings of the loan calculator are working.

What I plan to do today…

I may or may not have a 40 hour/week commitment anymore.  There's a fairly hostile negotiation between me and the company that was paying that commitment.  In the very likely event that falls through, I'll be spending my full time working on Moneylender 3.

My immediate plans are to continue to focus on turning Moneylender 3 into a working loan servicing product and to expand its mathematical capabilities to match Moneylender 2.


If the deal with this other company becomes some entrenched battle that I’m required to participate in, it may affect the amount of time I’m able to spend on MLP3.  If the current arrangement disintegrates quietly, I should be making large and steady strides toward a MLP3 beta release.  If, by some miracle, a suitable agreement is made, I'll be working on site with a different client 40 hours a week and developing MLP3 on Fridays still.

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