Daily Scrum (2014-04-21)

What I did last time…

My last scrum post pretty much sums up the work I’ve done so far.  I started putting together a list of the main things that need to be working before releasing MLP3 beta.  It’s looks fairly daunting at first glance.  The reports are getting a complete overhaul that has yet to occur.  Statements have been most reworked.  The loan calculators are going to take some real work, too.

What I hope to do today…

I’ll be working on Moneylender 3 all afternoon.  I’ll be focusing on buttoning down the practical aspects of servicing loans ensuring the daily tasks - like recording payments, checking balances, and keeping track of what statements have been sent and to whom - are easy and intuitive to access.


Nope.  Got a wide open schedule, which is pleasantly liberating.

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