Daily Scrum (2014-04-29)

What happened last time?

I got the overpayment for early payments to work for a limited number of scenarios.  I very poorly reworked the Lender Wizard.  It'll need a real rework sometime later. 

I also got a basic Payment Detail report working.  Moneylender 3's reporting is probably going to be driven by Microsoft's Reporting Services.  I was able to feed some of the loan data into a report template and do a little formatting on that template to get it to display properly.  Because report templates are XML files, it'll be possible to allow the program to run customizable templates.  The templates can even contain formulas and calculate info directly in the report.  My hope is that using this reporting standard allows greater flexibility and more customization for the people who want their reports to match a specific format.  And, built into the report preview is the option to create Excel, PDF, and Word versions of the report and change the printer settings and print the report directly.  The report runs immediately when the date range is changed.  It has a much more immediate feel to access to the information.  Hopefully the more complicated reports still run very quickly.

The way the new loan calculator works, more complicated reports should run very efficiently because the calculator makes a permanent running record of each transaction as it calculates a loan.  That saves the reports from having to do their own temporary calculations to get those intermediate tallies.

The very marginally functional reporting capabilities of Moneylender 3!

What do I hope to do today?

Now that reporting marginally exists, I'm going to see about getting fees and escrows working.  I might work on importing MLP2 portfolios into the new MLP3 format, too.


The day is wide open.  Everything that needs to be dealt with has been dealt with. J

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