Daily Scrum (2014-05-08)

I know these posts get read by a relatively small number of people, but I want to put it out there now: I need some help with the Metro2 part of Moneylender 3.  If you're using Moneylender 2 and reporting to the credit bureaus, please email me at support@trailsweb.com if you're willing to help me iron out Metro2 functionality in Moneylender 3.  It'll be another four or five weeks until I'm ready to start working on Metro2 support in Moneylender 3, but I want to get things lined up so development can go as efficiently as possible.  Thanks!

What did I do last time?

Yesterday I worked on writing the system to import records from MLP2 portfolios into MLP3.  That system mostly works now. 

Also, as a side effect of developing the import routines, I improved the user feedback of the reindexing process to include a progress bar.  In production, reindexing takes about one third longer than the time it would take to read the whole file.  A portfolio with 600 loans might take one or two minutes to reindex.  In development, reindexing takes about four times longer because of the overhead the debugging environment adds to the partial decryption process. 

What do I hope to do today?

Now that data is importing, I have access to the template records in the new program and can start debugging the statement system.  Additionally, I'll be adding a NumberOfPages setting so users will be able to create templates that are comprised of several pages.  

I still need the import system to split payments from MLP2 into payments and adjustments in MLP3.  I hope to have that written today, also.  I hope to start using some of the more recent real portfolios that I have to do further testing on the loan calculator.  I'll be doing a side-by-side comparison of MLP2's loan balance calculations with MLP3's to make it easier to identify where the calculations are different.


None that I can think of.  The bills are paid, the coffee pot's full, I'm excited to see so much progress on MLP3 after so many years of slowly putting the pieces together.  A recent cluster of sales set a new record for most licenses sold in one day, which is just the icing on the cake.

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